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‘Young Asians don’t drink’: Biases stop young Asians from seeking health care, study shows – NZHerald February 9,2022

Lovely Dizon often speaks up for her parents at doctor’s appointments when people assume the Filipino couple don’t speak English. Her dentist mum and electrician dad have been in New Zealand for 23 years.

Another time, a doctor did not believe Dizon’s answer to a question about sexual health.

Tiny interactions like these have made the 26-year-old PhD student hesitant to get help when she suffered from anxiety and disordered eating in high school and university.

“The systems we have in New Zealand are very European-centric and those ways of thinking aren’t necessarily helpful for non-Pakeha,” she said.

Racism and Discrimination Stops Young Asian People from Accessing Health Services – 95bFM February 8, 2022

A study looking into a survey of highschool students has found that experiences of racism and discrimination keep young asian people from accessing health services in New Zealand. News and Editorial Director Jemima Huston interviews Dr Roshini Peirs-John, Associate Professor at the School of Population Health in Auckland and co-investigator in this study. They talk about what the study entailed, the Youth19 survey it’s based on and why it is important to break down the catchall ethnicity term ‘Asian’ into more specific Asian ethnic groupings to provide better health policies and data.

Breaking the homogeneity of ‘Asian’: Report on inequities among students – RNZ July 12, 2021

A new report, Youth19, is the latest in the Youth2000 survey series which asks more than 7000 students about everything from family life to sexual activity.

It highlights health and wellbeing findings for Asian students in Aotearoa – their strengths, challenges, and experiences are mapped out in this.

Nikki Singh, who is Fiji-Indian, and Lovely Dizon, Filipina, both in their early 20s, were involved in the research and co-authored parts of this report.

Equity for A/EM populations and the role of the University – ABI Equity and Diversity Communique, September 2021 Issue

This month’s Equity and Diversity Committee newsletter will begin with a piece from Associate Professor Rachel Simon-Kumar in Social and Community Health in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. As a researcher and teacher her work sits at the interface of cultural diversity, migration and gender, and the experience of social and health inequalities. In 2019, she was appointed Co-Director of the Centre for Asian Health Research and Evaluation (CAHRE) at the School of Population Health. She has also served as International Student Advisor in the School. In a voluntary capacity, she serves as a Trustee of Shama, the Ethnic Women’s Trust, whose programmes are aimed at empowering migrant and ethnic minority women. In all these roles, the theory and practice of equity has been fundamental to her career. The following piece touches on some issues of equity for Asian/ethnic minority (A/EM) population groups, and our role as a university in the changing landscape of diversity in New Zealand.