About Us




Redefining health to enable Asian and Ethnic Minority communities to thrive in multiethnic Aotearoa New Zealand.

Center Objectives

  • To conduct interdisciplinary research that can foster health and reduce inequalities among the Asian and other Ethnic Minority populations in New Zealand;
  • To disseminate research-based information to enhance the capacity of health, social and community services in delivering effective and culturally appropriate interventions;
  • To develop collaborative linkages with other academic institutions (within New Zealand and internationally), government, non-government organisations, and Asian and other Ethnic Minority communities;
  • To contribute to the development of Asian and other Ethnic Minority health research workforce.

Our Values

Respect the differences and similarities between ethnic groups and individuals

Inclusiveness / Diversity
Value the differences and participation of population groups

Public Good 
Channel our activities to help improve health and wellbeing of the population

Create fair structure and system to avoid power imbalance between groups

Community partnership
Recognise collaboration with key stakeholders as essential for success

Bold, innovative, informed by community, relevant, recognised, impactful

Informed by Te Tirit o Waitangi