Recent Publications

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Flexible resources and experiences of racism among a multiethnic
adolescent population in Aotearoa, New Zealand:
an intersectional analysis of health and socioeconomic
inequities using survey data

Simon-Kumar, R., Lewycka, S., Clark T. C., Fleming, T., Peiris-John, R. 2022journal article, racism, discrimination, intersectionality
Factors predicting forgone healthcare among Asian adolescents in New Zealand: unmasking variations in aggregate dataPeiris-John, R., Bavin, L., Kang, K., Dizon, L., Lewycka, S., Ameratunga, S., Clark, T., Fleming, T.2022journal article, Asian, youth, healthcare utilisation
A decade of Asian and ethnic minority health research in New Zealand: findings from a scoping review
Chiang, A., Simon-Kumar, R., Peiris-John, R. 2021journal article, review, A/EM
Sex ratios and 'missing women' among Asian minority and migrant populations in Aotearoa/New Zealand: a retrospective cohort analysisSimon-Kumar, R., Paynter, R., Chiang, A., Chabba, N.2021journal article, sex ratio, gender bias, Asian, Indian, Chinese
Equity for A/EM and the role of the UniversitySimon-Kumar, R. 2021press, A/EM
East Asian, South Asian, Chinese and Indian students in Aotearoa: A Youth19 ReportPeiris-John, R., Kang, K., Bavin, L., et al.2021report, Asian, Chinese, Indian, Youth
Breaking the homogeneity of 'Asian': Report on inequities among studentsRaghukumar, K2021press, Asian, youth
Factors influencing the negotiation of ethnic identity among 1.5 and second-generation Asian migrants: A mixed methods systematic reviewDizon,L., Selak, V., Ramalho, R., Peiris-John, R.2021journal article, review, youth
Co-creating a large-scale adolescent health survey integrated with access to digital health interventionsPeiris-John, R., Dizon, L., Sutcliffe, K., et al. 2020journal article, youth, digital health, co-design