Asian and Ethnic Minority Research Stocktake 2010-2019


TitleAuthorYearJournalEthnic Group(s)FieldSubject
Assessment of obesity in New Zealand Chinese: a comparative analysis of adults aged 30-39 years from five ethnic groupsWen, Ji Y. J.; Rush, Elaine C.; Plank, Lindsay D.2010The New Zealand Medical Journal (Online); ChristchurchChinese; IndianObesity/Body CompositionMetric Validation
Barriers experienced by Asians in accessing injury-related services and compensationsSobrun-Maharaj, Amritha; Tse, Samson; Hoque, Ekramul2010Journal of Primary Health CareChinese; Indian; Korean; South East AsianHealth Services UtilisationBarriers; Injury
Characteristics of Chinese Service Users in an Old Age Psychiatry Service in New ZealandCheung, Gary2010Australasian PsychiatryChineseMental HealthHealth Services Utilisation
Coverage and accuracy of ethnicity data on three Asian ethnic groups in New ZealandNorris, Pauline; Horsburgh, Simon; Padukkage, Priyanwada; Baik, Nah Yeon (Tina); Kim, Duhee; Fussell, Andrew; Hutchinson, Sarah; Ragupathy, Rajan2010Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public HealthData QualityEthnicity
Cultural safety: does the theory work in practice for culturally and linguistically diverse groups?Mortensen, Annette2010Nursing Praxis in New Zealand IncPractice (Nursing)Cultural Safety
Effects of 25-hydroxyvitamin D level and its change on parathyroid hormone in premenopausal Chinese womenBacon, C. J.; Woo, J.; Lau, E. M. C.; Lam, C. W. K.; Gamble, G. D.; Reid, I. R.2010Osteoporosis international: a journal established as result of cooperation between the European Foundation for Osteoporosis and the National Osteoporosis Foundation of the USAChineseNutritionVitamin D; Parathyroid Hormone
Encompassing multiple moral paradigms: A challenge for nursing educatorsShirin Caldwell, Elizabeth; Lu, Hongyan; Harding, Thomas2010Nursing EthicsChinesePractice (Nursing)Teaching
Ethnic-specific body mass index cut-off points for overweight and obesity in girlsDuncan, J. Scott; Duncan, Elizabeth K.; Schofield, Grant2010The New Zealand Medical JournalEast Asian; South AsianObesity/Body CompositionMetric Validation
Gardens, Transitions and Identity Reconstruction among Older Chinese Immigrants to New ZealandWen Li, Wendy; Hodgetts, Darrin; Ho, Elsie2010Journal of Health PsychologyChineseOlder PeoplesIdentity; Settlement Experience
Performance of Framingham cardiovascular risk scores by ethnic groups in New Zealand: PREDICT CVD-10Riddell, Tania; Wells, Sue; Jackson, Rod; Lee, Ai-Wei; Crengle, Sue; Bramley, Dale; Ameratunga, Shanthi; Pylypchuk, Romana; Broad, Joanna; Marshall, Roger; Kerr, Andrew2010The New Zealand Medical JournalIndianCardiovascular DiseaseMetric Validation
Seeking affective health care: Korean immigrants’ use of homeland medical servicesLee, Jane YeonJae; Kearns, Robin A.; Friesen, Wardlow2010Health & PlaceChineseHealth Services UtilisationCountry of Origin Care
Vitamin D status and attitudes towards sun exposure in South Asian women living in Auckland, New ZealandHurst, Pamela R. von; Stonehouse, Welma; Coad, Jane2010Public Health NutritionSouth AsianNutritionVitamin D; Attitudes
Associations between weight perceptions, weight control and body fatness in a multiethnic sample of adolescent girlsDuncan, J. Scott; Duncan, Elizabeth K.; Schofield, Grant2011Public Health NutritionEast Asian; South AsianObesity/Body CompositionWeight loss; Attitudes
Chinese peoples' perceptions of colorectal cancer screening: a New Zealand perspective.Bong, Genevieve; McCool, Judith2011New Zealand Medical JournalChineseCancerScreening; Health Services Utilisation; Attitudes
Immigrant status and acculturation influence substance use among New Zealand youthDi Cosmo, Cinzia; Milfont, Taciano L.; Robinson, Elizabeth; Denny, Simon J.; Ward, Colleen; Crengle, Sue; Ameratunga, Shanthi N.2011Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public HealthImmigration GenerationYouthSubstance Use
Patient preference for autonomy: does it change as risk rises?Kenealy, Timothy; Goodyear-Smith, Felicity; Wells, Susan; Arroll, Bruce; Jackson, Rod; Horsburgh, Margaret2011Family PracticeEast Asian; IndianCardiovascular DiseaseHealth Services Utilisation; Attitudes
The Construction and Validation of a Measure of Ethno-Cultural Identity ConflictWard, Colleen; Stuart, Jaimee; Kus, Larissa2011Journal of Personality AssessmentImmigrantsYouthIdentity; Metric Development; Metric Validation
Under-utilisation of preventive medication in patients with cardiovascular disease is greatest in younger age groups (PREDICT-CVD 15)Mehta, Suneela; Wells, Sue; Riddell, Tania; Kerr, Andrew; Pylypchuk, Romana; Marshall, Roger; Ameratunga, Shanthi; Chan, Wing Cheuk; Thornley, Simon; Crengle, Sue; Harrison, Jeff; Drury, Paul; Elley, C. Raina; Bell, Fionna; Jackson, Rod2011Journal of Primary Health CareIndianCardiovascular DiseasePractice (Medicine); Prescribing
Christchurch earthquakes: how did former refugees cope?Osman, Mohamud; Hornblow, Andrew; Macleod, Sandy; Coope, Pat2012The New Zealand medical journalRefugeeSettlement Experience
Combining food records with in-depth probing interviews improves quality of dietary intake reporting in a group of South Asian womenKruger, Rozanne; Stonehouse, Welma; Hurst, Pamela Ruth von; Coad, Jane2012Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public HealthSouth AsianNutritionMethod Development
Ethnicity, body mass index and risk of pre-eclampsia in a multiethnic New Zealand populationAnderson, Ngaire H.; Sadler, Lynn C.; Stewart, Alistair W.; Fyfe, Elaine M.; McCowan, Lesley M. E.2012The Australian & New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics & GynaecologyChinese; Indian; Other Asian; OtherMaternal HealthPre-eclampsia; Body Composition
Increased prevalence of albuminuria among non-European peoples with type 2 diabetesKenealy, Timothy; Elley, Carolyn Raina; Collins, John F.; Moyes, Simon A.; Metcalf, Patricia A.; Drury, Paul L.2012Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation: Official Publication of the European Dialysis and Transplant Association - European Renal AssociationEast-Asian; Indo-AsianDiabetesAlbuminuria; Prevalence
Markedly different clustering of CVD risk factors in New Zealand Indian and European people but similar risk scores (PREDICT-14)Perumal, Lavinia; Wells, Susan; Ameratunga, Shanthi; Pylypchuk, Romana D.; Elley, C. Raina; Riddell, Tania; Kerr, Andrew; Crengle, Sue; Gentles, Dudley; Jackson, Rod2012Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public HealthIndianCardiovascular DiseaseMetric Validation
Monitoring immigrant health and wellbeing in New Zealand: addressing the tyranny of misleading averages.Horner, Jed; Ameratunga, Shanthi N.2012Australian health review : a publication of the Australian Hospital AssociationImmigrantsData Quality
Paget's disease in patients of Asian descent in New ZealandSankaran, Shyam; Naot, Dorit; Grey, Andrew; Cundy, Tim2012Journal of Bone and Mineral ResearchIndian; ChineseChronic DiseasePaget's Disease; Prevalence
Peri-Abortion Contraceptive Choices of Migrant Chinese Women: A Retrospective Review of Medical RecordsRose, Sally B.; Wei, Zhang; Cooper, Annette J.; Lawton, Beverley A.2012PLoS ONEChineseMaternal HealthAbortion; Prevalence
Utilising the Hand Model to promote a culturally safe environment for international nursing studentsMackay, Bev; Harding, Thomas; Jurlina, Lou; Scobie, Norma; Khan, Ruelle2012Nurse Education in PracticePractice (Nursing)Teaching; Cultural Safety
Vegetarianism, vitamin B12 status, and insulin resistance in a group of predominantly overweight/obese South Asian womenGammon, Cheryl S.; von Hurst, Pamela R.; Coad, Jane; Kruger, Rozanne; Stonehouse, Welma2012NutritionSouth AsianNutritionVitamin B12
A structured, group-based diabetes self-management education (DSME) programme for people, families and whanau with type 2 diabetes (T2DM) in New Zealand: an observational studyKrebs, J. D.; Parry-Strong, A.; Gamble, E.; McBain, L.; Bingham, L. J.; Dutton, E. S.; Tapu-Ta'ala, S.; Howells, J.; Metekingi, H.; Smith, R. B. W.; Coppell, K. J.2013Primary Care DiabetesIndianDiabetesIntervention Appraisal
Ageing in an inconvenient paradise: The immigrant experiences of older Korean people in New ZealandPark, Hong-Jae; Kim, Chang Gi2013Australasian Journal on AgeingKoreanOlder PeoplesSettlement Experience
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Ethnicity and risk of caesarean section in a term, nulliparous New Zealand obstetric cohortAnderson, Ngaire H.; Sadler, Lynn C.; Stewart, Alistair W.; Fyfe, Elaine M.; McCowan, Lesley M. E.2013The Australian & New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics & GynaecologyChinese; Indian; Other Asian; OtherMaternal HealthCaesarean Section; Prevalence
Family involvement in Chinese immigrants with bipolar disorder in New ZealandWang, Grace Y.; Henning, Marcus2013The New Zealand Medical Journal (Online); ChristchurchChineseMental HealthBipolar Disorder
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Health Needs of Refugee Children Younger Than 5 Years Arriving in New Zealand:Rungan, Santuri; Reeve, Antony Martin; Reed, Peter W.; Voss, Lesley2013The Pediatric Infectious Disease JournalRefugeeChildren's HealthInfectious Disease; Prevalence
HIV Stigma and Discrimination in Medical Settings: Stories From African Women in New ZealandCannon Poindexter, Cynthia2013Social Work in Health CareAfricanHealth Services UtilisationPatient Experience, Sexual Health, HIV
HIV-related risk factors among black African migrants and refugees in Christchurch, New Zealand: results from the Mayisha-NZ surveyBirukila, Gerida; Brunton, Cheryl; Dickson, Nigel2013The New Zealand Medical Journal (Online); ChristchurchAfricanSexual HealthHIV
Just talking about it opens your heart': meaning-making among Black African migrants and refugees living with HIVHenrickson, Mark; Brown, Derek Brian; Fouché, Christa; Poindexter, Cynthia C.; Scott, Kay2013Culture, Health & SexualityAfricanSexual HealthHIV; Attitudes
Regulating migrant maternity: Nursing and midwifery’s emancipatory aims and assimilatory practicesDeSouza, Ruth2013Nursing InquiryImmigrantsPractice (Nursing/Midwifery)Maternal Health; Practitioner Attitudes
What are the priorities for developing culturally appropriate palliative and end-of-life care for older people? The views of healthcare staff working in New ZealandBellamy, Gary; Gott, Merryn2013Health & Social Care in the CommunityChinesePalliative CarePractictioner Attitudes; Service Provision; Culturally Appropriate Care
Where do I go from here'? A cultural perspective on challenges to the use of hospice servicesFrey, Rosemary; Gott, Merryn; Raphael, Deborah; Black, Stella; Teleo-Hope, Linda; Lee, Hyeonjoo; Wang, Zonghua2013Health & Social Care in the CommunityChinesePalliative CareHealth Service Utilisation; Barriers; Caregiver Experience
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Breast cancer and breast screening: perceptions of Chinese migrant women living in New ZealandZhang, W; Rose, SB; Foster, A; Pullon, S; Lawton, B2014Journal of Primary Health CareChineseCancerScreening; Health Services Utilisation; Attitudes
Cultural Dilemmas of Choice: Deconstructing Consumer Choice in Health Communication Between Maternity-Care Providers and Ethnic Chinese Mothers in New ZealandGuo, Shujie (Phoebe); Munshi, Debashish; Cockburn-Wootten, Cheryl; Simpson, Mary2014Health CommunicationChineseMaternal HealthPractice (Nursing/Midwifery); Attitudes; Practitioner Attitudes
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Narratives and traits in personality development among New Zealand Māori, Chinese, and European adolescentsReese, Elaine; Chen, Yan; McAnally, Helena M.; Myftari, Ella; Neha, Tia; Wang, Qi; Jack, Fiona2014Journal of AdolescenceChineseYouthIdentity
One Woman’s Empowerment Is Another’s Oppression: Korean Migrant Mothers on Giving Birth in Aotearoa New ZealandDeSouza, Ruth2014Journal of Transcultural NursingKoreanMaternal HealthAttitudes, Birth
Preventing vitamin B12 deficiency in South Asian women of childbearing age: a randomised controlled trial comparing an oral vitamin B12 supplement with B12 dietary advice.Mearns, G. J.; Link to external site, this link will open in a new window; Koziol-McLain, J.; Obolonkin, V.; Rush, E. C.2014European journal of clinical nutritionSouth AsianNutritionVitamin B12
This child is a planned baby': skilled migrant fathers and reproductive decision-makingDe Souza, Ruth Noreen Argie2014Journal of Advanced NursingChinese, IndianPractice (Nursing/Midwifery)Parenting, Attitudes
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